About Us

Setting up of the MBS - Mauritius Broadcasting Service - Provision of a radio service - Radio Maurice July 1944
Incorporation of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation to run a broadcasting service in Mauritius (including its dependencies of outer islands, including Rodrigues) 08 June 1964
Inauguration of Television Service 08 Feb 1965
Inauguration of television service in Rodrigues 07 Nov 1987
Launching of FM Radio and Kool FM Dec 1989
Launching of 2nd TV channel 30 July 1990
Taal FM radio launched Aug 1995
Launching of 3rd TV channel Oct 1995
Digital Transmission - 5 TV channels on digital platform 2006
6 additional TV channels added on digital platform 2007
Radio and TV service introduced in Agalega Nov 2008
5 additional TV channels launched on digital platform (Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Chinese, Urdu) Oct 2010
Launching of Best FM Radio channel Oct 2010
MBC moves to new headquarters in Moka Dec 2010
Launching of Senn Kreol and Bhojpuri Channel 30 Jan 2013
Radio in Mauritius celebrates 90 years of existence 09 August 2017
NRJ Music FM is launched 14 May 2018
Qui Veut Gagner des Millions, co-produced by MBC, is aired for the first time in the Mauritian Territory 04 August 2018